Founded in 1987, Felancy is passionate about producing comfortable women wear. A  sense of comfort, made possible by the use of the right lingerie, will enable women on the move to maintain their confidence whenever and wherever they are.

Felancy caters to the needs of Malaysian women of different shapes and sizes. Felancy products include clothing for teenagers, nightwear, bras, body shape, sport bras, and shape up bras, among others. Additionally, the material used include microfiber and cotton nano that support the user’s comfort in any environment and under any condition.

Felancy believes that each woman is unique and should embrace her curves. This is why we focus on enhancing and contouring lingerie, assisting you in achieving proper body support, expressing your femininity, and boosting your self-confidence. Our products are the result of extensive research and communication with women to ascertain your needs and desires, as well as how we can better tailor to your figure and lifestyle. Felancy’s mission is to educate women about the importance of proper fit and function, the proper way to measure yourself in order to improve your female form through various types of lingerie, and to increase their awareness of breast health and physical well-being.

We are located at:

F-46 (First Floor)

Opening Hours:

10:00am - 10:00pm (daily)